How Do Judgments About Money Affect You?

There is such a strong belief in the collective consciousness that الات عد النقود is not spiritual, that I often see people who were materially secure before they got on the spiritual path suddenly go broke once they get on the spiritual path. Odd, isn’t it? Think about this, and take an honest look at what baggage you might have picked up when you got “spiritual”.

Another big hurdle is “either/or” thinking. I can either be good and spiritual, or prosperous and not spiritual. I can either do what I love, or make money. I can either be a good person and be poor, or a greedy person and be rich. Either/or thinking is always limiting. There are never only two choices. This is an unlimited universe.

Beliefs are often invisible, but they affect your reality anyway. Ask yourself: Do I believe that money is the root of all evil or some such religious judgment? Do I think money has any power at all other than what I give it? Do I believe I have to work really hard to earn money? Do I judge people who don’t sweat for it, or inherit it, or receive it free?

Think, “Rich people, CEO’s, Bill Gates, Donald Trump,” and then say your first gut feelings about them out loud. Now you know, at least partly, why your money vibration is what it is.

Ask yourself, “When others have what I consider “too much money” how do I feel in my body about them? And what am I basing my judgment upon? Who says it’s too much? God? (I promise you God doesn’t judge, and in fact gave you free will to do, be, and have whatever you want.) ONLY humans judge. And judgment glues you to the negative aspect of that which you judge.

Do you ever use the word “greed”, as in corporate greed, or that person is greedy because he has way more than he needs? Do you make people wrong who don’t give money to you when you ask?

Those are judgments, and they only hurt YOU. Problem is, that low vibration of judgment actually brings your money attracting ability down rather than helping you. Making others wrong only feeds your small self, and gives it your power. Your Large Self doesn’t judge.

God doesn’t judge people for how they get or use their money. God won’t judge you for having money. Only humans judge, and it hurts the ‘judger’. Prove this to yourself: feel in your body how it feels to judge someone – anyone. Do you feel lightened and expanded, more of your Large Self? Or is it just a petty “I’m superior” or “I’m not as privileged” small self payoff.

If you’ll focus instead on living your life as you wish, and don’t compare against others, you’ll do much better. If you judge a person as greedy, that lower vibration affects your money vibration. What they do or be or have is none of yours or my business. When we mind our own business, we are putting our power where it counts: on what we want.

If you judge others for having money, or how they use it, or what they do with it, it gets harder for you to have money. If you judge rich people, your vibration about money drops. If you appreciate that they are letting money in, your vibration rises.

If you’re happy for your friend who doesn’t have to work anymore, your money vibration rises. If you’re jealous of them, your money vibration drops. If you celebrate anyone and everyone who has money, if you appreciate what you could do with it, your money vibration rises and you attract more money. Keep this up long term and you can have more.

To simplify, if you push against the idea of money or make it bad or wrong, you will be compelled by that vibration to push it out of your life. Unexpected bills, accidents, expenses – there are thousands of ways to make money go away – and it will look like it’s out of your control. It will look like you’re a helpless victim of it.

If you feel money’s bad, subconsciously you’re going to get rid of it as quickly as possible, so you can judge yourself a “good” person, unlike those bad people who have all that easy money! Change your focus, change your money vibration. Think of people who are doing well, creating value, and who are happy, because it makes you feel better and raises your vibration. Choose how to think rather than being at the effect of every thought that comes into your head, or living by old beliefs others gave you. Choose.

Deep down, you must feel good about money to have money. You can say affirmations all day long, but if deep down, you feel money is bad, or that it corrupts, or it isn’t spiritual, or that it has any power at all, it will be hard for you to get it and keep it. Your feeling vibration attracts a match to itself.

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