Step-by-Step Guide: Easy Step to Cleaning your Vape Tank

A clean vape is a happy Relx Pods. The modern vaping devices come with a reusable vaping tank that can hold the e-liquid. Inside the tank, the e-liquid gets exposed to the heating coil, and vapors are produced. The vaping tank gets dirty as it is used more and more. Hence it requires cleaning to let you enjoy a clean smoke.

Cleaning is also required in E-cig Tanks for better performance and to prevent failure of the device. To help you clean your vape tank. Here is an easy step-by-step guide for you. Before cleaning the vape tank you need to open it. For this, you need to know how to disassemble the vape tank. Remove the batteries from your device and remove the mouthpiece as well. Remove the caps from both ends of the vape tank and clear the device of e-juice.

Now carefully remove all the pieces attached to the vape tank. Remember the configuration of each piece. It will help you while reassembling. Once you have taken out the tank. Wash it with warm water for about 20 seconds. Make sure the water runs through the whole tank and washes away all the contents of the tank. Warm water will help clean all the residual e-liquid.

Use a faucet that provides a powerful stream of water. This will help remove all the e-juice deposits as well. If you clean your tank regularly you may not find any deposits in the tank. After you have finished washing the vape tank. Now is the time to wipe it dry. To do that, you can use a sheet of paper towel or a small microfiber cloth. Twist the material and insert it into the vape tank. Push it back and forth to wipe the tank clean. Make sure there are no water droplets left inside.

Gather all the pieces you removed from the vape tank. You can either wash them using the faucet or put them in a bowl of warm water. Clean all the parts thoroughly. Use a cloth to wipe out dirt and other e-liquid deposits. Use may also use a toothbrush to clean the parts from the inside. A toothbrush will also help clean the inner thread of the cap.

After you have finished washing the parts. It is now time to dry them. Use a clean and dry cloth to wipe all the water droplets of the parts. Keep them in a clean place and allow them to air dry for at least 10 minutes. Do not blow air from your mouth onto the parts. It may get the tank wet again from your saliva. Sun drying the parts is also not recommended as it may weaken or damage some parts. Just let them sit in the air for some time and they will dry on their own. After all the parts get dried. It is time for the reassembly. Make sure you put all parts together with the way you disassembled them. Fill in your favorite e-liquid and start vaping again.

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