Rocky Super Elite Model Skill Stop Machine Critical Overview

Yo Adrienne!  Sorry, we couldn’t help it because we are huge Rocky fans.  More our dad then us, but the day we stumbled upon the Rocky Super Elite Model Skill Stop Machine, we just had to get it for slot gacor hari ini.  When we were growing up we always had the Best Slot Machines down in the basement.  Oddly enough, they were used as savings accounts because he never liked giving his money to someone else and have them protect it.

So at the end of each year, we would take all the money out of them and go on vacation somewhere.  It was a cool little system and something we had forgotten about until we came across the Rocky Super Elite Model Skill Stop Machine.  While playing, though, we used to have the old rocky movies playing in the basement while the machines were ringing.  Yes, it was a little annoying, but some twenty-two years later, that time in our lives seemed so simple.

This has been a tradition in our family for years, yet when we gave him the Rocky Super Elite Model Skill Stop Machine it was the first time either one of us ever saw him cry.  It wasn’t because he loved the machine or anything or that it only accepts Slot Machine Tokens and can’t be converted to coins, but because we intertwined the memories into the machine.  Needless to say, we created more when we gave him this as a gift.

Earlier we talked about the Rocky Super Elite Model Skill Stop Machine only accepting tokens.  The truth is all of the other slots are gone and have been replaced over the years.  None of these accept money, but it’s because dad felt that all his old war buddies would enjoy the casino type atmosphere.  He was right and if there is a tradition in our family, the Sunday night slot tournament has to be one of the biggest.

Then again, we hold them on all holidays, birthdays, and just about everything else you can think of throughout the year.  Unfortunately, as stubborn as our father is, no one is allowed to play the Rocky Super Elite Model Skill Stop Machine.  It’s like he has this life long journey to compete against this machine and eventually beat it.  As of 2008, it’s hard to say how many plays he’s made on the machine, but the jackpot has never been won.

Probably the biggest reason he wants to play it because at one point he told us, “If any of you win the jackpot when I’m not here, I don’t want to know about it.”  The good news is no one has ever won the jackpot, but the even better news is we haven’t told him that we stopped playing it.  If one oh these Slot Machines For Sale can give him that much enjoyment in his twilight years, no one wants to take the big win away from him.

Can you imagine the excitement he will have by finally saying he beat the machine?  Probably not unless you’ve played the thing a million times like he has, but one thing’s for sure.  The day he does, we all want to be there and have the digital cameras handy.  It’s just hard to believe that something like this would bring out the best in everyone around.  Maybe you know what we’re talking about and if you know someone who loves the old Rocky movies, then they’ll surely love one of these Casino Slot Machines.

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