Mineral Cosmetics – Is This a Healthy Alternative?

With the market being flooded with the miraculous mineral cosmetic tattoo Perth, there is a definite urge among people, to understand what makes up the so-called natural cosmetic range. Mineral cosmetics are technically better than the otherwise available cosmetics, and are certainly preferred by dermatologists, owing to the natural composition.

Mineral makeup is made from naturally existing mineral elements. The minerals are mixed up with an assortment of inorganic pigments and undergo various steps like milling, pulverization and purification, before reaching the end consumer. Pigments are responsible for the color and shimmer effects. These components also contribute towards the inorganic and inert properties of mineral cosmetics. The latest range in the category of mineral cosmetics also claims to include vitamins, in a frozen form, to lend that extra edge.

A cure for sensitive skin – Mineral cosmetics offer a respite from various skin ailments like acne, pimples, dryness, clogged pores, etc. They are non-comedogenic and therefore, ideal for sensitive skin types. Mineral cosmetics are inert and inorganic and therefore, do not promote microbial growth. Being finely milled, the makeup granules are much smaller than the pores and therefore, do not clog them, thus helping cleaner skin surface.

Finer application – Mineral makeup has a lighter and different texture. The items are made up of microscopic flat crystals that are mixed together to offer a filtering layer on the skin, which helps the skin to breathe even with makeup on. A translucent and natural look is guaranteed with mineral makeup.

Least harmful – Mineral cosmetics do not contain harmful preservatives like parabens, dyes, fillers or oils, which are present in abundance in regular cosmetic range. Mineral cosmetics, owing to their natural composition, do not require preservatives for an increased shelf life.

Sunscreen qualities – Mineral cosmetics contain components like Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, which provide the desired shield from harmful ultra violet (UVA-UVB protection) sunrays.

Perfect for application on skin post medical treatment – Mineral cosmetics have anti-inflammatory properties, which make them an apt choice for makeup on skin that has undergone any kind of treatment. They cool the skin and facilitate faster healing. Moreover, the elements present in mineral cosmetics help to naturally refresh and rejuvenate the tired skin, which is like a dream come true in the preset tiring schedules.

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