How to Make Your Doctor Feel Good About You

Meeting one’s family doctorstipsonline is a stressful event to many…Some dread it ….Most resent it…And yet a minority look forward to it. How do I know? …The answer lies in my upbringing. I frequented a doctor like no other child did. It was almost like going to play school. As a child I used to dread the injections that were synonymous with visiting a physician…As I grew up and became bolder to the repeated onslaught of injections,something else pained me every time I visited our doctor..Intimidation ….By the doctor ..To the patient(read yours truly)and for his benefit .

This was borne out of my ignorance because there were others who could impress this same doctor while I fumbled desperately for words. I knew something was grossly amiss but couldn’t put a finger on it. I guess part of my motivation to join medical school was to find an answer. It has been many years now since I graduated. Today I am a family physician to many. Its my sincere wish that those who read this may never have to fumble and grumble when it comes to seeing a doctor. Here are a few tips…

Make a note

It may sound silly …But I have seen patients come out with complaints just as they are finished with a consultation. I can assure you that nothing can irritate a doctor more than this. Why? Because usually by this time the doctor has formulated a working diagnosis in his mind..And has probably ordered few tests. This last minute complaint suddenly may turn things topsy turvy for the doctor and his working diagnosis. This necessitates a new chain of thoughts…Repeat examination and probably an altered array of tests. It is embarrassing for anyone ,let alone a doctor!!

Impress your doctor ….

When the doctor lets you speak …Speak your mind …Let him know what is troubling you. But when he has examined you and has written out a prescription, grant him the courtesy of accepting his advice rather than bombard him now with a new set of complaints. A greeting would surely help.

Sequence of events

What occurred first….Was it the fever or was it that nagging headache? Totally irrelevant to you maybe..But could be the essential clue to clinch a diagnosis for your doctor.Gp will surely ask for the chronology of complaints in one way or the other..Some do it upfront while others do it in a subtle way. Its taught in the medical school…History taking is an art….Surely art involves time….And your doctor is seriously short of it..Now and every time. Believe me on this one!!

Impress your doctor

Ask your self as to when was the last time that I was feeling totally alright. At what point in time day or month did my problems start. An opening statement like ” doctor, I was feeling very well till 17 of mar or till last Monday” can work wonders for you.

Technical terms

“Doctor I think I have serious palpitations” or ” I suffer from acute gastritis” is a surefire way of putting off your doctor. Medical students are grilled again and again on the exact definition of a technical term. They spend considerable time of their medical education mugging up thousands of such tongue twister names. To hear such terms being loosely applied by patients for their problems irritates almost any doctor that I know of.

Impress your doctor

Try “I my feel that my heart beats faster at times while at rest ,which makes me quite uncomfortable”.He will have your attention. ” I have thing nagging pain in the abdomen all the time” is more useful to a doctor than saying that ” I think I have gastritis”. When you say “doctor I think I have gastritis …He unconsciously assumes that you are forcing a diagnosis on him. That spurs a dislike that lurks at the subconscious level of your gp. Avoid the urge.

Internet based knowledge

Internet has been the source of such tremendous information that it has touched almost all aspects of modern life. The world of medicine is no exception. I am not surprised when some of my patients come and tell me ” doctor why shouldn’t I go for this investigation or that modality of treatment”. Though some patients say it to impress their doctor about their knowledge in the medical field…I can assure the listening doctor is anything but impressed.

Impress your doctor

While the doctor is taking your history or examining you don’t break his chain of thoughts with an internet revelation, you have had recently. He will not like it. Keep it for the end . Though unpleasant to the doctor a statement like..’ Doctor, I know that my source is not reliable but I have heard that this illness causes so and so….” “Could you please allay may anxiety…” Might elicit some sympathetic response….Remember doctors have a soft corner for those seeking help…

Maintain a diary/ file

I find that some of my patients carry their medical documents as loose sheets of paper. Going through a maze of these documents is the biggest nightmare for any busy practising physician. I sometimes frantically search through the documents to find the value of last blood sugar test performed or the findings of the last ct scan.

Impress your doctor

Regularly file all investigation reports alternatively paste them onto a diary for ready reference. Always take photocopy of ekgs( electrocardiograms) because they tend to fade away with time.Similarly paste ct scan/mri reports on the diary. Consultations become a breeze thereafter.

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