Game Tester Jobs – How to Get Them

I don’t know if there is any talking tom hack in this planet who when given an offer to do video game tester jobs will decline it. We gamers spend hard earned money from our pockets to buy and play these games and if someone offers us to pay money for playing games, I think everybody will grab it with both hands. Game tester jobs are not as hard to come buy as one would think – the trick is to look at the right places. Another important thing is that it is not as hard and does not require as much knowledge with computers as one would tend to believe. Let me put forward some of the things which might help you if you really want to be a game tester.

Game testing is for those who love their gaming!

As has been said time and again, if your job is something which you love to do, you will never feel like you are doing a job. If you love your gaming, if you have the passion in yourself, testing games might not be a job at all for you – each day can become a fun filled Sunday!

It is not as geeky as you might be thinking!

Game tester jobs do not require you to be a master with computer coding, graphic designing etc. There are people to take care of these activities during game development. Your job is to play the games and find out bugs for your employer. You play games, find bugs and report them through easy to use online forms.

There are perks and benefits

The biggest benefit of game testing is that you get paid to play the same games which you would have had to buy from the market otherwise. Also, you get to play the games much before they are released. You might even be presented free or discounted copies of the final versions of the games.

This can be Your Opening to even bigger opportunities in the Gaming Industry

If you don’t want to confine yourself to game testing only and want to have more opportunities in the gaming industry but do not have the know how or resources to get going, game tester jobs might become the stepping stone for grander things in life. Once you become a part of the industry as game testers, it becomes easier to know and make yourself suitable for better opportunities like game designing.

All said and done – A Job is a Job

You love your gaming and this is the very reason why you want to be a game tester but one should never forget that there are no free lunches in the real world. This is not your place if you think you are going to earn money without doing a thing. The gaming industry won’t pay you if you take your job as a stroll in the park. They won’t. You have to be serious about your gaming and more importantly, the reporting of the bugs you find. If you do your job, there will be more rewards to be reaped off than you might possibly guess.

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