Breast Augmentation In Thailand: Enjoy The Role Reversal In Facilities

Thailand’s tourist rate increased slot thailand by more than 10% between 2009-2010 with the aforementioned medical tourists the main reason for this. Thailand has always been a popular destination for foreign visitors but it stagnated for a few years. However, once it became known that breast augmentation in Thailand and other cosmetic procedures were reliable, safe and far cheaper than in the west, millions of people have traveled abroad.

Refusing to stay at home and get ripped off. Explaining Breast AugmentationBreast augmentation in Thailand does not necessarily mean you are having breast implants. Although this prosthesis is a feature of breast augmentation, there are numerous non-implant forms of shaping and correcting the breast. Surgeons in Thailand have knowledge of every form of surgery because of decades of experience and years studying both abroad and in the excellent local centers.

There are even forms of breast augmentation in Thailand which are non-surgical if the patient is so inclined. These include autologous fat grafting which helps with the symmetry of the breast. Patients who enter a clinic in Thailand will be informed of every choice. This is a refreshing change to Western clinics that try and talk you into having the most expensive procedures.

Winds Of ChangeWhen it comes to breast augmentation in Thailand and other cosmetic procedures, there is something of a role reversal involving Thailand and Western nations. For a long time, having cosmetic surgery in Thailand was considered dangerous because of the perceived lack of medical equipment and training on offer. At the moment, it is Western nations that are suffering because of the global recession and the lack of money coming into these countries.

It is not a stretch to suggest that a large number of these facilities are going backwards in terms of possessing cutting edge equipment. Certainly, it is only the private clinics that can keep up with the times and they charge an absolute fortune. Compare this to having breast augmentation in Thailand in world class facilities which are fully funded by the government.

An estimated 70% of the medical centers in Thailand that perform cosmetic surgery have government backing. While Western governments desperately try and bail out banks while funding invisible wars, Thailand is using the money made from medical tourism to further improve its medical facilities.There are private clinics in Thailand too but they are much more affordable than their Western counterparts.

The result is cosmetic procedures performed at a level which is at the very least equal to the standards of Western nations. The major difference is the fact that breast augmentation in Thailand costs about 30% what it would in the United States. This is one of the reasons why there will be an increase in the 1 million medical tourists that come to Thailand per year with more than 400,000 of these arriving from the United States.

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