Bob Proctor & the 11 Forgotten Laws

Bob Proctor from The Secret is well known for his understanding of the Law of Attraction. The problem is people still struggled after seeing the secret. Many felt the 法学论文代写 of attraction did not work. This is because there are other principles you need to understand to fully realise your dreams and the law of attraction. These are the 11 Forgotten Laws.

Many people saw The Secret and tried to work with the Law of Attraction. Sometimes they were successful, other times they were not. Why is it that when you think you have worked something out, the Law of Attraction lets you down. This is both a confusing and frustrating situation to be in. Bob Proctor was made famous by the hit movie The Secret but he knew there was more to it than the Law of Attraction. So he is doing an interview on the 11 Forgotten Laws. See below.

These 11 Laws are the underlying principles by which the whole universe is created. They work simultaneously with the Law of Attraction. Once you understand all 11 Forgotten Laws, you can better understand how to best utilise all the aspects of the Law of Attraction. This is where real potential can be realised.

Each of these Laws has a specific purpose. When you understand each of them, they combine to allow you to realise that there IS order in the Universe and it is highly predictable. Let me briefly explain each of these Laws.

The Law of Thinking says what is most prevalent in your mind, you become. If you are constantly concerned about the problems in your life, not only will you see more of them, it will distract your mind from creating solutions. You get what you think about.

Some may think of this as the Law of Demand. That is, we are always wanting more, we are always expanding. Just like a seed that needs to grow, we are constantly evolving to want more and more.

Receiving is not getting, receiving is graciously allowing something to come to you. Its like a swing. When you push a swing away, it will come back to you at around the same degree as you pushed. The Law of Receiving is about giving to the fullest extent so you can receive to the fullest extent.

When someone gives you a compliment, how do you feel? If someone continues to compliment your work, do you feel compelled to do it again or even better? This is the Law of Increase. Giving more will allow you to receive more

What you are getting is a result of the efforts you are putting out there. If you want to have better results, you have to think of a new or better way to deliver that value. You must BECOME the person of value to receive anything of value.

If you resist for security, you will never have it. Peace, harmony and joy require that you ARE peace, harmony and joy. Fighting for peace does not create peace. It creates more fighting. The only way to not have conflict is to “go with the flow” and not resist. This does not mean give up, it means do not struggle.

In many difficult times it is easy to blame others. Even when it is your fault, it is easy to blame yourself. An attitude that takes your vitality and energy never serves. Learn to forgive. Emotionally let go of a situation and just act to correct it. That is the only way forward.

In many ways, obedience implies respect. The ability to hold your tongue or action as appropriate to maintain peace and harmony is always more beneficial than disruption. It also means be obedient to the Laws. Work WITH the Laws and they will reward you. Work against them and you will pay the price.

No matter what you do, it is a success. You get a result. You may not like the result but it is a result none the less. Working with the Law of Success means acting in a certain way so that success is bound to happen. If not by education, then by experience and persistence. You can achieve more because you are born to achieve more. Do more right things than wrong things and success is inevitable.

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