A Choice of Arsenal Football Shirts for You

Football is often regarded as one of the most popular áo bóng đá events that has a large fan following. The venue for a football match notwithstanding, it can be assured of a packed stadium in addition to the houseful TV viewers who are absolutely glued to the screens.

It club was founded in the year 1886 and joined the Football League in the year 1893. It has a phenomenal fan following among those in the UK as well in countries around the world. This club is also known to be one of the most valuable clubs in the world as it stands with a worth of $1.2 billion dollars.

A lot of football has been played by this club in bright red shirts that had white sleeves and paired with white shorts. However the colour of the initial kit that the club players had consisted of a dark red shirt that was worn with white shorts and blue socks.

There was a change ushered in by Herbert Chapman in 1933. Chapman wanted his players to look different on the field and thus made changes in the Arsenal kit. He had then added the white sleeves whilst lightening the shade of the red Arsenal shirt.

The choice of shirts depends on their games away from home have remained the same for many years. It had been a combination of white shirts with black or white shorts. However there have been changes on several occasions over the years. The regular changes in the away kit have been seen primarily on the grounds of being the target of a replica market in selling football kits.

Since 2009 there has been a modification of the Arsenal kit every season. There have been several renowned manufacturers of their shirts from Umbro to Adidas and Nike.

There is something that gives a football fan better feeling than being able to sport the shirt of their favourite team while watching their game in the stadium or even on TV. Even if you are a football player and happen to be a fan of the Arsenal football team, you may as well wear your favourite Arsenal shirt to watch or even play a game that you feel is important. There are several official as well as sports merchandise website that offer Arsenal football kits of different seasons. You can even order for the latest kit of your favourite team.

A choice of Arsenal football shirts for their home grounds as well as the away tours and games are available for your purchase. So go ahead and indulge yourself as being the best fan to your favourite club of all times.

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