Teachers: What You Need To Know To Become Highly Successful

Do you feel like you are not as successful in your guitar teaching as you’d like to be? One of the biggest concerns of many guitar teachers is that they are not as successful as the competition in their local area. You may look at your competition and feel like they are achieving great success with their students while you are struggling just for small gains at best. Fact is, teacher of teachers who are successful understand several key concepts (and you can learn them too!).

After teaching over one thousand students as a professional guitar teacher and helping many other teachers learn how to become more productive in getting results for their students, I have spent a great deal of time figuring out the whole story behind what makes some teachers successful and others mediocre in order to best help my clients attain great results in their guitar teaching businesses. After much research, I have observed that most guitar teachers posses some kind of balance between two sides in their mindset.

These sides consist of one side that focuses on strengths and another that focuses on weaknesses. The guitar teachers who have highly successful guitar teaching businesses have mastered the ability to channel the side of them that focuses on using their strengths to their advantage while guitar teachers who do not experience much success tend to think mostly from the side of them that focuses on weakness (more on this shortly).

Previously, I have created many guitar teaching articles that deal with specific ideas on what you should ‘do’ as a guitar teacher to make your guitar teaching business more successful For the purposes of this article, I am going to explain to you a concept that will be instrumental in your growth and success as a guitar teacher. When I personally train guitar teachers to become more effective in their teaching strategies, they become very familiar with this idea.

Understanding The Psychology Of A Guitar Teacher

As guitar teachers, we generally have similar goals we wish to achieve. That said, everyone has their own unique set of personality traits that gives them both strengths and weaknesses while taking action in any given situation. This effectively shapes and molds the growth of their guitar teaching business. In a similar manner, the skills you gain during your development as a musician will also determine your strongest and weakest areas of musical expertise. For each of the strong points in your personality, there also exists a weak point that can potentially “cancel out” the benefits from your strengths. Until and unless you identify and correct these weak areas in your personality, your strengths will most likely become “overrun”; leaving you frustrated by keeping you from accomplishing your goal. Fact is, this is an extremely common occurrence for all kinds of guitar teachers (and most of them are not even aware of it!).

If you have not reached a high level of success already as a guitar teacher, it is crucial that you learn how to get all you can out of your strengths while minimizing the unwanted effects of the weaknesses that accompany them. No matter what, if you do not take the time to do this, you will NOT be able to achieve great success as a guitar teacher.

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