Popular Single Serve Coffee Pod Machine

A coffee pod maker takes lesser time to brew and is easy to clean. There is small room for mistakes with this machine. Coffee Relx Pods machines are basically made of sealable plastic rods with small paper filters inside. Pods are placed in the machine and locked in place. Switch it on the water heats.

Some of the companies that offer coffee pod machines are: Melitta, Briel, Bunn, Keurig, Juan Valdez and Senseo. Colors include: green, yellow, black, orange, chrome, red and stainless steel. The price of a pod machine starts at $50. 1. Braun – TASSIMO Machine The Braun TASSIMO is a revolutionary coffee machine that uses the T-Disc system. It can make ready-to-drink hot beverages in just 60 seconds. Braun Tassimo is very easy to use and handy. It can be manually adjusted, providing different strengths and cup sizes. Tassimo is an ideal coffee machine for dinner parties. It has a large water tank that can be filled up with one liter of water.

The T-disc system of Braun Tassimo can read a barcode on the disc and start working on it. The pod uses a small-brewing chamber which can feature a unique inverse flow. The drink is then poured from disc into the cup. Leading brands of T-Discs are Twinings, Kenco and Suchard. All of these can be used to make a cup of coffee, tea, espresso, decaffeinated coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate and caffe crema.

2. Philips SENSEO Coffee Machine Philips Senseo coffee makers come with a layer of froth that helps retain the taste and warmth of coffee. It can produce one or two cups. The machine comes in three colors of white, black and blue. Senseo coffee maker will take only a minute to brew a coffee. The setting can be tweaked depending on how much coffee you want to make.

Philips Senseo, on the other hand, combines a patented brewing system. It automatically combines the right balance of water and coffee. The brewing system was developed in conjunction with Douwe Egberts which exclusively uses Senseo coffee pods. Pods come in mild, medium, dark roast and decaffeinated blends.

4. Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System
Keurig B60 is a 1500-watt single cup brewing system that uses patented K-cups. It has a programmable backlit LCD display with an on/off timer and a digital clock. It also features a removable drip tray and temperature controls. In the past years, many coffee companies and manufacturers continue to make single serving coffee pod machines. Popular brands offer innovative features at your fingertips. Single-serve coffee pod machines provide a convenient way of enjoying coffee at its best.

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