Football Kits Are a Positive Motivational Factor

By association we remember at once the team by its cheap football kits – the colour, the style and design, the fabric and embroidered extras – such as team logo/name, Sponsor Name and logo and shirt number. The fact that the shorts may also have embroidered numbers or Logo adds to the overall impact the football team kit has on all who see it.

You could say that it is the official uniform of any football team. Take away the uniform and their identity is lost. It is therefore reasonable to deduce that football kits, once chosen, form a team identity that becomes an integral part of the team branding and promotion that makes them unique. It is not unusual for professional teams to have a number of football kits, for example, a second kit to facilitate playing against other teams with similar colours. Again they are instantly recognisable in their away kit – it becomes part of the team image – and these different kits are synonymous with the team.

Once a team football kit has been established then the identity is clear and unmistakeable. This is what motivates managers and coaches to insist on football kits. They provide a sense of unity, purpose, consistency and continuity and stamp an image of professionalism and attractiveness on the team.

The concept of belonging can also be extended to the team supporters who are very often seen wearing their team colours at all their matches. The team football kits are a focus for more than just the players – they also motivate others to come out and actively support the team at both home and away matches. It becomes a community/ family this creates a sense of bonding and pride that further motivates the team to raise its performance levels on a consistent note.

Wearing football kits instils a sense of pride in teams and motivates them to perform well and succeed under a corporate banner. Each player is spurred on by the desire to work hard for the colours and the team – should the colours be historic or new – the sense of bonding and belonging grows stronger. How often have we heard teams referred to simply by their football kits or some aspect of the kits – for example – The Reds, The Blues, The Candy Stripes, The Hoops- the list is endless? This is testament to the prime importance of football kits and their association with particular teams.

Bearing all these facts in mind we recognise what factors motivate managers, coaches and teams in their purchase of football kits. They know that to purchase the appropriate kit will provide the motivation a team needs to progress and perform with pride. The choice on line is not only extensive but qualitative so go on line and see for yourself. Choose an online sales company that is reputable and you can make a successful purchase every time.

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